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Allison's reputation for providing quality products began in 1915 in a small machine shop near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. During World Wars I and II, the company produced U.S. Military trucks, tracked vehicles, and airplane engines. Allison's post-war efforts focused on power transmissions in medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Allison was the first to match a torque converter with a powershift transmission for the off-highway market. In 1946, the company built the first V drive hydraulic transmission for transit buses. On-highway, the Allison Torqmatic blazed the trail for automatics in a variety of applications. This tradition of innovative thinking has led to over 500 patents.

Today, Allison is the world's leading manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. The company has a worldwide network of sales, service, and customer support offices, which includes more than 1,200 distributors and dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Using the most advanced engineering and manufacturing technology, Allison's skilled work force produces the finest automatic transmissions in the world.

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You'll get more mileage out of an Allison Automatic compared to a manual transmission. An Allison Automatic can help make your operation run smoother and more profitably.

Because an Allison Automatic Transmission is so durable and reliable, it can help lower or even eliminate many of the usual operating expenses associated with manual transmission-equipped vehicles. From reduced maintenance costs to higher vehicle and equipment trade-in, an Allison Automatic Transmission offers you an outstanding value.

An Allison Automatic can help reduce downtime and maintenance costs associated with clutch replacement and adjustments, as well as damage to u-joint, axle, driveshaft, and differential caused by manual transmission shock loading and driver misuse.

The electronically-controlled Allison WORLD TRANSMISSION is designed to time each shift to keep the engine in the most efficient part of the fuel consumption curve -- regardless of the driver, terrain, duty cycle, or cargo.

The smooth take-offs and soft shifts of an Allison Automatic means cargo is less likely to be scratched, broken, or spilled. And since the driver can pay attention to traffic, rather than shifting gears, there's less chance of damage to the entire vehicle.

Drivers can complete their routes faster with an Allison Automatic Transmission. With no clutch or gear-shifting to distract them, they can easily maneuver vehicles around corners or in traffic.

At Western States Converters and Transmission, we are dedicated to providing the best support and service for those using Allison automatic transmissions. Our dedication extends far beyond product support -- we're dedicated to providing comprehensive service, including training and on-site repairs at your location (when requested).

Allison...the world's leading producer of automatic transmissions for  on Highway medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses, and automatic and powershift off highway and construction applications.  Western States Converters and Transmission...since 1988, a top-ranked provider of Allison Off Highway Transmission service and support.  We are proud to be the most requested Off Highway Allison transmission rebuilder in California.

Western States Converters and Transmissions uses only genuine Allison parts and equipment. Our technicians are Allison factory-trained and are committed to providing the quality and professional service that you deserve. We utilize a variety of computer-based diagnostic systems, along with our many years of invaluable experience, to ensure that all Western States Converters and Transmissions are second-to-none in terms of quality, reliability, and performance. When it comes to Allison transmission repair and service, there's just no comparison. Throughout our service process, we keep in mind that no two vehicles or pieces of equipment are utilized in the same way. Transmissions leave our facility only after being tested and tuned to your specific requirements.

We're good, and we're proud of what we do.

So for exceptional service, quality, and reliability...trust Western States Converters and Transmissions. We're Your Allison Transmission Connection.

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